Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pilots (TEST2)

He grabbed each firmly and gently slid into place. A solo 'flight' to discover … Something did not feel correct. He waited for the ID link sequence to complete and used the handles to exit. Upon emerging he gazed at the crew. Apparently they had concluded the same thing in virtual synchrony. The experiment was not yet ready.

They needed a co-pilot genetically architected to complement the other with her own cockpit. The same careful organic design - similar in some respects, radically different in others.


Three months later ...

The first time he sat in the cockpit was to do a context switch without precedent. Designed from the very beginning to engage sensory familiarity, both natural and technological preserved conscious adaptation for the task at hand.

How gravitation distorted the elevation dimension. Subtle toward a 'center' and up to the limit of relevance. A careful summation of bi-lateral complementarity for yaw. And so on … The user interface design so much different than what was considered conventional for under-the-hood work.

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