Monday, May 17, 2010

In There Somewhere

"If you look right between those two trees you will see the campus. With our high gain antenna we are likely to pick up the signals. The data rate will be very high and the content encrypted. Further, decryption will necessarily await obtaining a warrant."

"Our job then is to adjust the filers based on the other input?"


Thankfully, the weather was conducive since their vantage point was well into the woods. This mission was power hungry to boot. Supporting high bandwidth communications on battery power … daunting. There was a good chance they would just sit and watch. The window for recording was not likely to change and the initial parameters accommodated a wide variance in contingencies.

At 6am they started recording, keeping a close eye on what operatives on campus may advise that would require their intervention. It seemed as good a time as any to broach the sensitive subject that up until now was subordinated to the mission.

"Is it possible he heard just part of what was going on?"

"Sure. Frankly, I am a bit confused."

Well, I did not want to intervene. There may have been away to stay clear. It happened so fast."

At last they were beginning to discover why it was all seeming too easy. They would be stuck here for hours, rain or shine in pursuit of answers and though they had differences of considerable consequence their mutual commitment meant they were constrained to a productive dialog or none at all.

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