Sunday, May 23, 2010


"Should it just be incorporated in an app then?"

"It looks as though we will need for it to be an app with some functionality at the client, regardless."

Their discussion reminded him of the focus on content driven user interface once again. Having operated in that realm for some time, he and the others took it for granted. Yet there were a number cases that required a respectful nod to the older ways. This was one of them.

How often they talked of ends and after long analysis, discovered they were created unwittingly where ends need not have been. Long ago in a language one would have thought lacked the expressive capability, a concept of circularity was encoded in a metaphor because its source could not be imagined at the time. Generality as an emergent concept.

He perused the visual index and bookmarked several more items. Making sure the research time was productive he alerted two other team members. Then he bit his lip, realizing that he had all but forgotten to take care of old business. He reached for the red button and paused ...

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