Thursday, May 13, 2010

Not Too Far

Out far enough into the field that individual perspectives became a blur. Not to say that …

Their experience of this far beyond the fourth wall perimeter felt less tangible. What did that really mean? It was just different ...

There was this retrospective 'feeling' that they had passed a half way point. A curios thing occurred when closing one's eyes. The scene immediately melted into something that felt more like a systematic matrix of remarkable complexity. Containing the many hues as the open eye image and the same congruent feel but in a different … domain. That was it! The same reality from a totally different perspective started to predominate in the imaginary visual field. It progressed each time the eyelids cycled.

Wilderness as wild but, strangely, more and more familiar. Looking in any direction did not occasion a recall of any concrete memory, not even looking up at the sky. But observing the whole centered on any direction in a stereo field revealed a collection of useful patterns that ... felt like home.

"So, we meet again"

Was it possible their journey had lead them … back to the … image … of where they began?

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