Friday, May 14, 2010


Curvature as a systemic paradigm (general theory eh, Albert?)

Never before has so much relevant data been readily available. Mind-boggling that such grand theories of the global set of data might have told them before. Not testable until now? That is, unless their conscious effort to verify was preceded by something out of there conceptual field?

"Now that each group is aware of the other and a dialog between the groups has begun our effort to discover an evolving collaborative framework for it is also a high priority. I would ask each of you to allocate sufficient time to log effectively."

The Buddhists referred to this exercise by the phrases, "Two but not two", "dependent origination" and "middle path". The fusion of two disparate domains of perception into a unified view honoring each as dependent on the other.

The binary nature of the current task was not lost on him. He was pretty sure she, approaching the revelation from a very different direction, had come to the same conclusion. Both had noticed the high tension engendered by the subject on each member of the team. When Atlas, with the weight of the world on his shoulders, laughed at how seriously they were taking each other, the mountains, rivers and valleys shook in response.

"I am ready for another trip to the butte."

"You will have some company this time."

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