Sunday, May 9, 2010


Visualization in the MI simulator is blazingly fast, he observed. Still constrained to the test visuals data base it nevertheless proved early feasibility for real-time visual synthesis.

"Collaboration - brain storming with supporting visuals" Ambitious yes, but doable. Brain-storming as inductive cognition would put the work over the last year on high ground indeed. Recalling that third or perhaps fourth session when the mix of machine assist and individual guidance was near optimum - feeling transcendence together.

Patterns worth repeating. Easy to say. The trick word was the one in the middle, 'worth'. Like much of the work, theory would only take them so far and that was not far enough to put the advance to work in the machine. So worth was determined by real-time consensus then and to a lesser degree now.

The equivalent in whole-mind cognition historically … let us just say it was the stuff of epic myth. Though based on complex interdependent events, the sequence of sights and sounds were recognizable universally. Top layer stuff, an invariant object of vast meaning.

"Why am I guessing your description will be much different?"

She just smiled.

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