Sunday, May 16, 2010

Show Belief

"It fascinates me that we choose a few human organizational forms to demonize selectively. Even in the face of clear evidence to the contrary we hold on to fundamental beliefs electing to morph our passionate argument to accommodate an inconsistency rather than rethink a long held belief from the ground up.

In some cases, the dependency change does not require an initial integrity to be useful in other applications. In my experience this is rare. A credible reference object is usually needed and its beginning in the causal chain pivotal. Extracting a reference class from it should not be taken lightly."

She paused the presentation and asked, "Have we come to one of those times?"

"You might be right.."

The presentation was from years ago, yet it had a very timely point in their pursuit of the current set of meta-patterns. Some of the reference object first used to describe the chains under consideration was encoded in the language. They had just proved it. It wasn't a giant leap to guess that since the language was better expressing the specific, it was possible that aspects of the reference object were encoded as the reference class.

She was far more visual than he and lately her visual objects engaged the team in a clearly superior way than his natural language technique. He felt the tug of his ego and knew in an instant this was one of those times to 'put a lid on it.'

Instead, he resolved to own his ego-bias openly and encourage her to continue. Something important was happening.

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