Friday, May 7, 2010

Storm Passes

WARNING: Very rough draft. Proceed at your own risk.

She will be 80 soon. Why open with that fact rather than the engaging conversation that dominated the spontaneous hour long first encounter? Because the generational divide is quite palpable, thank you.

Spanning, say, a century and more than half the globe, the discussion fit like a glove. Following morale being nearly trampled to oblivion by the stampede that lasted 24 hours, refreshing. Truly so. In the past, point resources on defeating the enemy. The enemy became stronger each time. The monster of the ID, death or worse.

How exactly did we get here? No, No. Don't repeat the history. Grok it. And do so for the wisdom the experience CAN impart.

One team member of few words known more by who gathers 'round him. Another, a living contrast of careful detailed articulation and prolonged silence. Yet a third, suspicious of those of lesser academic accomplishment but a leader borne of, apparently, an innate compassion.

The group, mostly old white guys who enjoy grey matter workouts. He of that gender was not at a loss to describe them. The other gender, fascinating. Do we share envy of the social mores of the other? It seems so.

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