Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What 'they' think.

"Highly correlated, no doubt.", he pointed to the monitor. "This pattern's detection requires induction. As virtually all of you know, finding the abstract version required deep empirical language techniques.". The few who did not know the technical description were well aware of when the pattern was operative in the natural world.

Stuck like the food on the plate in the sink when some knucklehead forgot to soak it in water hours ago. A secular argument for friendly. Here they were looking at the metaphorical face of an isolated ego's 'blind side'. The unemotional case for social intelligence was staring at them from the system monitor.

At least three candidates for roles on the team just did not feel right. And now it was becoming clearer why. All three shared a background 'fighting' a somewhat asymmetrical conflict using elements of the very pattern they were seeing now, together.

As with other discoveries of this type, its scalability had substantial implications for the overall mission.

"Speak for me, I am sure there are words already written for how I feel.", she said facetiously. The laughter confirmed the spirit with which she said it.

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