Saturday, May 29, 2010

Careful, we have reached the top.

The network response to destructive propagation shifting from a kill operation to an organic offset approach. Hoping a low probability event does not occur and putting the preverbal fire extinguisher on the outbuilding full of dynamite … and then testing fate. Oops.

Thats it. Coordinates?
Fortunately, their effort had led to something more thoughtful. The information version reminiscent of reboot, reinstall and wait for the next catastrophe. Then morphing into constant upgrading of high granularity agents. Yes, biology influencing technology and technology leading to better biological science.

The team's resident visual artist adept at recording waking experience. Not long ago, this approach was looked upon with suspicion. How could it be relevant? Not so much to the center of personal identity or at least the invariant object representations there. Invariant objects cannot be measured by consistent foundation alone. Only in application in a shared world was their veracity sufficiently verified.

Dynamic Context Scoping pattern to the rescue once again. Proved useful before - many times. Codified by pioneers with the capacity to visualize at a higher 'altitude' in a variety of transformative venues.

"The tide has turned. Lets double down on our approach. High vigilance is called for here.",

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