Friday, April 30, 2010

Bridge, not too far.

Implications of engaging the linguistic bridge for the comparisons now had real teeth. The idea that cultures, as reflected in their languages, were predisposed to assume nefarious intent in a culture other than their own could be put to a test of unprecedented objectivity.

Irrational assumptions feeding predatory behavior was as old as society itself. Each new layer of communication sophistication mitigated the consequences but its destructive effect stubbornly persisted. Once the pattern had been successfully encoded by the machine for itself a whole new perspective and collective thought began to emerge.

As he reached the top of the ridge, he could just barely see through the new foliage the industrial activity on the river. Though the sound of what was happening was faint, it too could be interpreted with effort in the forest context. A legendary space within a cities' limits where the well maintained trails and occasional sign was all that was consciously added by 'civilization'.

Objectivity as a relative term in a universe of subjectivity. Building objects of every conceivable size and duration made easy by the magnificent artifacts of a self-referencing species in the process of creating.

To kick down the door, had no meaning here. No doors anywhere close, nor the need for such an artifact in the vicinity. No feeling that something was intentionally hidden, no deception. But is it not fair to say that risk being absent meant opportunity was distant?

She wanted to come here again. He remembered, their trips before were vivid in his memory. That time preceded the project and the nameless bloom.

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