Sunday, July 4, 2010

9826 ID - ACK

"That was a long time ago. Some of the wide pipes were in but mostly used for one-to-one voice, a little broadcast. Not much else. At least not that we know of at this point."

"Yes, but it was clear even then that a robust backbone would be more than a huge low risk-high return major capital investment. The satellite and the Pacfic fiber were the hints. Those things don't just happen in an environment where there is so much competing for the same dollars. The classified military projects to the private sector may be where to look next. Some of it is bound to be accessible through the FOIA."

Not much reason to go back into technological ancient history besides avoiding the advent of obfuscation becoming the norm. The good old days, a mere generation ago, when circumventing secrecy was the way in. His 'deficiency' was at a peak in those years. Many crucial clues he just did not notice. Others … his speculation ran rampant. So much was happening and an active mind seeking relief from the paranoia would, on occasion grab onto a piece and spook the nemesis.

Enough reminiscing, would it make sense to travel there now? So used to virtual intelligence gathering, especially in the last year, he wondered what it would be like to be in the field again. He was hesitant to broach the idea with the team out of fear that it would set in motion having to deal with memories just becoming gentle on his mind. While he was candid with friends about his precarious past, it was at a safe distance. Was this too near too fast?

"so those conversations …"

"Yes", he interrupted, "find out who he was talking to and you will know the major transactions leading up to the Manzanita disclosure."

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