Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nameless No More

"Could the drop be a revised count that reflects the discovery that a search came from an existing unique visitor?  If so, that would suggest that the machine knows from a search the source of that search. It begs the question as to whether aspects of the source, such as personal data about a person at the source, are disclosed without that person's explicit permission?"

Here again, fascinating to discover how many transactions followed a basic pattern The common element, almost always, the answer to the question, who or whom. Identity, anonymized or not, a central component of the soup as it was in the overt activity of the machine.

Understanding the different rolls that identity net played in the two domains boiled down to the presence or not, of an actionable executive. The discovery that soups attract came late not because it was difficult to see. Rather that their was not a reason to look, at least to the degree that it would reveal the considerable unrealized potential of such communication.

Finding the keying sequence embedded in over 300 pages, a piece of pure serendipity. They looked each other as a tightly knit crew does in such cases. The shared knowledge, not by dialog or even messaging, instead dancing eyes each pair to another in a surely not random sequence. For they were aware that the log would eventually be a compelling story to those on the outside first exposed to their mission. Yet, no one was quite sure when the wide organic distribution would start.

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