Sunday, July 11, 2010


On top of the rock. A vantage point emblematic of those times when a new voice could be heard saying, in effect, "Tradition, you are due for your periodic review. Resistance is futile."

We will have change regardless. Of that much we know. Its the kind of change we choose. Holding onto views that have outlived their usefulness is a form of cowardice we cannot afford. Stepping blindly into the breach just as ill-advised. Middle path then. Somewhere between.

Just as throwing out everything is foolish, so too is keeping it all. We find our way through a forest of experience along trails of emotion extending back into deep history. A study of the gray tells us so. Pack the pruning sheers and the sickle, the underbrush has covered some of the ones we want to traverse. Trails, that is.

At the confluence, gargoyles of symbolism remind one that primitive tests of the right of passage await. There might be one symbolic lifetime event. But, in fact, they are the foot stones all along the well-lived life.

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