Sunday, July 4, 2010

Emergent Method Class

Mistaken attribution, what does it mean in this context? At first he just assumed that when it was said, it meant that somebody had erroneously attributed the insight. But could it not also mean that the assertion was not a declaration at all, merely speculation? The collateral effects may be the most significant. That would be a reasonable case for intentional ambiguity.

And so it went, the discovery that stimulating a robust discussion of what appeared to be anomalies resulted in seeing context with a different light. The illumination revealing the impact of subtle tidal effects on primitive reactions. Zen … or not … Zen.

Attraction based on something complex in common rather than simple in common. How could it work and still take advantage of cutting-edge scaling? Indirection and abstraction, a special class that built upon higher level invariant objects shared by many.

He had to admit, these ramblings were where he lost most of those trying to stay up-to-speed on the team's work. The interview regime looked to be the breakthrough he sought. Asymmetrical interactivity forced developing the foundation for communicating in an imaginary field.

The longer the structured ambiguity could be sustained, the better the synthesis could perform. Lectures, broadcasting, campuses a whole host of formats about to be retired because of the quantum leap in sensory extension.

"If and when she accepts the invitation, we can expect the usual resistance from those who don't yet understand. And that is what we need to understand better?"

"Yes, that is essentially it.", she answered knowing there would be more questions.

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