Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Decoys?

Is masking chatter on the rise? If so, what is it hiding? Summertime, overactive imaginations free to roam. Headline grabbing news slows. Young minds out of school, nothing much to suck up that emergent cognitive energy?

The machine's global reach and rapid growth over the last year could certainly account for a some of the smoke. He looked over a few of the items - shutdown of 'free' social site and a quick answer as to why, Unidentified Flying Object an ocean away, secret organization talks of labor shortage.

Well aware that theirs was not the only effort of its type. If successful, their methods would be just the right tool in discovering hidden patterns from 'widely distributed impressions'. When they pinged the machine, they were in effect creating something akin to what they might be observing now, but on a smaller scale.

War games, RAND, modeling from the inside of the fish bowl. The mathematic rigor was its on undoing. Watching it happen at the edge loosely describes their mission, or at least a significant fraction of it. Reaching for the virtual clipboard, he paused to notice that an unexpected pattern sequence had begun on the monitor. He was not the only one in the room noticing as a hush had come over the usual clatter ...

"A fine line between beauty and catastrophe 'eh?', an associate remarked. Deep prediction is peculiar that way.

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