Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Angel's Ordeal

Exhausted from a short time in the field, he sat down to reflect on just why he felt so depleted. These people he had just encountered 'out there' were friends. But the water in which they swam - so to speak - had so distorted perception that it nearly drown out their personal connection. Any number of common words could describe the condition of the water - chief among them connoting foreign toxic substances that were sucking the life from the magic fluid.

The misinformation express and the misleading drive through. Downright ugly and ultimately anti-life. And the girls sang the words of the brand. Never mind that the brand lives for itself and lives off the medium it tries to dominate. We know the words and we sing them over and over again.

The counterpoint is actually quite simple and takes very little energy. The counteraction seems intractable because of asymmetric complexities. The most complex inexplicably to be solved by … are you sitting down? … common sense.

But what of unemployment in the toxic manufacturing industry, the sick people industry, the efficient destruction industry? Who will take care of them? Ah … philanthropists. But haven't they gone out of style? And how effective are people so distant from the mainstream able to bring the comfort and isolation to the aid … of the mainstream?

A chill flooded his body as the epiphany emerged. This is why I do this, he thought. The gratitude for the opportunity to be a butt-kickin' compassionate warrior. Where angels fear to tread? What a bunch of wusses. The tingling body sensation morphed into laugh that shook his entire being.

Back to work. Cool.

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