Saturday, July 17, 2010

Near Miss

He had been doing business with this outfit for over 30 years. Yes the industry was in a bit of turmoil but this was one of its stellar performers and it had endured the storm quite well. So he wandered into the local store and was surprised to encounter a person not inclined to be bothered with a mere customer. He pushed back a bit and was introduced to a specialist. Again, to his amazement, this person too looked to be bothered with someone who expected help when he walked in. He said in a voice of mild contempt, in effect, "we mailed you the fine print." and "what do you really want, to vent or something else?"

The urge of the adolescent within was to retaliate. The adult had a better idea. "I would like to speak to the manager."

"Oh, she is with a customer right now, can I take your number and have her call you?".

"That is Ok, I'll wait.". It was well worth it. The manager was a genuine joy, especially by comparison. She immediately heard him out and explained to him why the company discouraged the idea he had. He told her, "Had I known this at the beginning I would not have been about to end this three decade relationship with your company."

From that point on, the people he encountered that day were actually more than what he expected. Is it a coincidence that the first two employees were young and male and the rest female and self-assured?

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