Saturday, July 24, 2010

Era Begins

Maybe those guys?
"... [the] same machine intelligence that makes instant global searches based on natural language queries (and in most of the world's languages), building a virtual community out of 8% of the world's population etc. is picking up, through a variety of means, the wherewithal to extend the benevolent human instincts residing just below the level of conscious awareness and replicating their function in the cloud. It happens largely without human intervention (or should I say ego intervention).

"The big deterrent are those powerful interests that have benefited from the status quo (we have talked about them here in our group). Your political and economic insights have shed a lot of light on how to address this obstacle.

"As our discussion of history clearly illustrates the outcomes of these cusps is anything but certain. The 'faith' of religions is justified, in  my opinion (though certain items seemed to have been adopted for convenience of their times.) The patterns we are seeing now have historical precedent.  Get ready, it going to be quite a ride.  I, for one, intend to enjoy it."

The capacity to effectively employ relevant context ...

Clearly the log search had generated a worthy collection of transaction data.  The 'double blind' nature of the effort would need to continue a bit longer. The detailed speculative vision was beyond their immediate recollection by a fair amount. Merging the perspectives would have to wait for a review. Exciting time though.

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