Saturday, July 17, 2010

Glimpsing "Meta-Real"

Is it just a useful perception or is there an explicit story behind the mathematical concept of poles? Today he first imagined and then observed the telephone poles holding up wires and cables. Between the poles these flexible entities drooped in deference to gravity and in a very mathematically predictable configuration.

Thanks to the machine, he was only moments from finding out the published stories about the origin of the term poles in expressing electro-magnetic phenomena, if they exist. But rather than go there immediately, it was fun to just blurt out the wonder he felt at this spontaneous image flashing into his awareness.

You see, they were coming more frequently ... these images that is. His appetite for stories of discovery and synthesis had become voracious recently and by any measure he was well into the second half of 'this lifetime'. The soup, like the dog treated well, loves the attention and returns even more.

He looked up from the screen to see this corner of paradise. Two coupes just outside on the porch beneath a flowered umbrella to shade the warm sunlight just enough. It meant much to him that this was not escape, not vacation and, certainly, not work at the factory but in a sense all three and much more.

"These poles then can't, in and of themselves, be. But apparently succinctly describe a relevant part of that which is."

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