Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Friend

There's more?
That was a time when science and technology had grown like a noxious weed, starving out the complex and courteous wisdom of the sentient. The salutes and mind numbing rituals and their systematic destruction providing a diversion for anxious souls.

Understanding nature as objects and creating things without reverence was the new call of the wild. A crazy voracious predator so hyped up on its own importance that it could destroy anything in its path and often did.

Who pressed the self-destruct button? No matter, because the conventional wisdom morphed from 'they did' to 'we did'. As if to reject the crack cocaine 'notion' that more is better until something breaks.

Did burning the remnants of the old provide the energy to take down the new? It is an old story now. And still being told, I've heard. We see it in a sky no longer pure. When the noise abates, a distant tune instills hope. Turn it up.

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  1. Just because we CAN do something is not a good indication of WHETHER we should do something.

    Science & Technology have grown like noxious weeds, one plant producing a 1000 seeds. Moore's Law of doubling the transistor count every 18 months has got to break down at some point now with single atoms carrying the data charge. Yikes! Computers using Quarks?

    And to what actual point. I mean does the benefit outweigh the total cost? Fer exmpl, a computr neeeds a ginormoues supli chaan to git creeated. Does the very existence of computers create the threat to our survival (as you point out something is).. We are creating illusions at a frenetic pace. Reality doesn't have a chance. We are inviting illusions because we can. Not because we should.

    PS - And there are too many people on eaarth.