Friday, July 9, 2010

Wags tail.

In the garden of my being, a handful of magic, a little dirt, some water and loving intent to be sustained through the seasons. Repeat. And it was said, altruism is not businesslike. And it failed. But not because it was short-sighted.

How so?
No, no … because it was not "well-managed." With management, marketing and money we can make more … management, marketing and money and keep doing so until we are caught. Which won't happen until after we retire, far away from the mess we made. The cleanup is for the lesser, altruistic folks.

Can sarcasm be compassionate? Some say no, that the end of sarcasm justifies the means to get there. "Lock and load, but church on Sunday. Get rid of the 'bad guys', and there will be more for me."

We humans, we are trouble makers. He is right. So we have to think. The only faith should be in our capacity (regardless of its source) to make things better together. Methods that morph through awareness, who would argue against? And, perhaps most importantly, why?

Our job is to fulfill the great dictator who is unable to speak directly. Fortunately I speak for him (not her or, worse yet, it). You must have faith that I alone, among us, interpret his intent correctly. 

"We've got enough, let the machine take a bite or two and we can watch what happens."

"Have you no mercy?", she said with that 'is the puppy Ok?' look in her eyes.

"Its a machine."

"But it - is - our - machine. Can I drive?", she smiled.


  1. Buss, I find this very thought provoking. I'm not sure where you intend this to go ... maybe that is the key. Maybe I need to know more about you.

  2. Buss = Buzz (obviously). Pardons on the typo! Jon

  3. Notes for Jon:
    College Inc.
    Dalai Lama threat
    faith vs. thinking
    Spiritual Overseer
    mission & context