Saturday, July 31, 2010

Near The Top Secret

"Of all the secrets we have kept, this one ranks near the top. Since we regard secrets, even our own, as suspect and of limited usefulness this is saying quite a bit. Ego-driven passions are driven into a frenzy by any mention of it or its purpose.", she stepped to expose fully the obscured code's acronym, MBCA in the center of the screen.

It was not lost on anyone in the room that this was the prototypical hot-potato. Even in their highly disciplined group.

There was no "kicking the can down the road" because the upcoming inner circle expansion was now job one.  Relying on implicit understandings of their collective integrity would soon be inadequate.

"We are assuming at this time that one or more pyramid structures to reflect the hierarchical nature of the task?", he looked around the table and noted affirmative gestures. "Warm bodies in the sandbox then." Up until this point, they had been relying on user simulations.

Stuck like a vinyl record skipping, a recurring theme snippet had all but discredited what the monitor displayed that morning.  In the past, this hinted that a concept was incomplete in the wider but still relevant scopes. But then again, one could not assume so, there were other credible theories that had not been disproven.

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