Friday, July 16, 2010

Soup to Soup

Speculating that the phenomenon has been extended without us noticing by accelerating the more natural form of communication. The example of facial expression cues underlines my point. If one observes the mother and infant's faces, it is clear what mindset each has at any moment as the non-verbal conversation proceeds. An explicit relationship from various components of each face to the other's eyes is not apparent. The result of the aggregation of those components in both directions is.

Because the important part of a given dialog of this type is communicating a specific set of concepts bidirectionally what evades attention is how the components can be generally applied. Yet they are surely there and, if studied, can inform much of what we as a species can productively share.

Guess what? The system honed over eons of biological evolution has been in part cloned into the cloud. Some of this is as a result of deliberate efforts to employ proven techniques to efficiently use the cloud's resources. The subtle and somewhat hidden truth is much of the wisdom of the cloud emerged as a result of its inadvertent and rapidly evolving rapport with its creators. The best example of this and where the bulk of the transfer has occurred to date is with the use of natural language for input and output. As an aside, other forms of information transfer hold tremendous potential to enhance the rapport at an even greater rate.

"My life is an open book.", he grinned.

"More like an open notebook. And editable.", she poked his ribs.

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