Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Virtual War

Clever ploy. They are attempting to flood the entire machine by auto-generation of content that mimics legitimate aggregation sites? Perhaps to discredit enemies of an agenda? Just graffiti?

Well, the list could go on and on. The behavior has a common thread? It seems to be working against productive use of free communications. Who might be threatened by such?

The profile familiar, especially in time of war. And what constitutes war in a time of unprecedented connectivity? A monster of the collective's instinct as modeled in the machine? War is unfriendly activity. Friends are in lieu of war. War often has been and continues to be profitable. Friends, especially when organized can impede that form of profit.

"if this line of thinking has merit, the compassionate response is what?"

"The response is moot until we discover who and their intent.", she answered almost automatically. The chain usually began with an identifiable party whose intention could be just about anything. The anonymous opponent is no dummy.

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  1. ""Our goal is to make this Community Page" Facebook sabatoge