Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dream Screen

A groove coming from the mountains filled with red and yellow robes fleeing from some terrible danger. And then it was clear. They were quelling the uprising. Using violence to turn back the peaceful protesters in their flip flops. "No time for meditation and nonviolence here, suckers". their leader seemed to be saying as the force descended from the mountaintop. Just before I awoke, one who looked back in disbelief … got his head blown off.

"Yes, just like the images from the monitor. Deamlike, vivid. This was no lucid dream, though. I could not control what was happening. I was just a helpless observer.", he said to no one there. That was then. This is now. Beware, I am awake, he thought. "And just like the careful work I do here, I committ to taking meaningful action on what I have observed."

Less than 24 hours ago, he described a vision of the soup to a dear friend who among many other fascinating characteristics bears the scars of a brutal war of decades ago. The interactive nature of the soup, most often below the level awareness has been enhanced dramatically in an intra-person sense by recent advances in our communications and cognition artifacts. The rapport with this visually oriented individual has served to grow his ability to graphically imagine the structure of some of the global soup.

So what are we not being told because of, say, its extreme sensitivity? That question to a general audience has considerable entertainment value. To the team, it has a very different meaning. The reason for the question is far more important than the answer. Refreshing access to that memory and its emotional reward seems to never to get old.

He looked around the room and concluded the work in it was well in hand. He glanced back at the monitor a last time to confirm. The field operation debrief was next.

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