Saturday, July 17, 2010

Degrees of Randomness, A Continuum

When I was young, my mom would braid throw rugs for our cedar log home from ribbons of colored wool (at least it felt like that was what the material was). When I saw this graphic used to decorate a web page promoting the Radio Lab Stochasticity episode, it cued that vivid memory from the '50s.

So I wondered about my passion for communications creativity and its sources. It just occurred to me that the richly stimulating environment that I grew up in had a large motivational impact. She made it. And for a variety of reasons that would take us far afield from today's topic, I did not realize until this very moment …

At the time, radio was just about to be crushed by TV (sort of like electric transportation crushed by gasoline transportation) and with it, sound stimulated imagination went into hibernation. A half century later, it has returned and I have rediscovered the joy of childhood and the too long abandoned nutrition for what makes us human, imagination.

Stochasticity and imagination, how the high priests of science, engineering and approved learning choke on their trappings of privilege on hearing it. When science and engineering supports dysfunctional order, its time for a little organic entropy elixir courtesy of human mind architecture. I am pretty sure.

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