Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Fractal Cause?

That initial support and how it grew was enhanced greatly by its unconditional nature. Its cause to retain identity AND continue changing for as long as possible was the source of its strength vis-a-vis its universe. Logical, enduring identity in a context that values change.

The technologies available and the state of scientific inquiry were the staples, no doubt. But the catalyst was that very special all-inclusive form of identity. The glue that made long temporal chains of meaning, a substance of many variations. Dismissed as inconvenient baggage, and as a result the setup for a new kind of global suffering. A futility felt nearly universally. Strong is not oblivious, friend.

Those sponsors at the beginning knew the simple truth, a proxy for value should be handled with great care. When it is not, it is an indiscriminate destroyer, the very foundation upon which another potential extinction exists. Avoiding those trigger words … a simple exercise sustained for just a few months … the lights go on and the symphony of the soup begins.

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