Monday, July 19, 2010

Global Neighborhood Watch

"It will need a handle for us to test it."

"And a name would be better. Shall we summarize then?"

The discussion shifted to describing the mass employment of watch agents in a form conducive to the handle/naming exercise.

Watch agent definition: supported individual engaged in the net watch function from a residence or on a portable device. The person, though anonymous to potential eavesdroppers, is uniquely identified to maintain system integrity.

Integrity Store: A geographically dispersed redundant 'cloud' system engaged in dynamic management of net watch function. Each watch agent is known uniquely to it. Carefully architected as a legal entity to prevent the influence of large owners.

Though the intent was to hone the essence down to a nameable abstract, the process would require their sustained creative and critical scrutiny.

Each participant got comfortable and took steps to mute outside interference for the duration. Then, suddenly they were interrupted as the quick response center dialog was transferred to their sound system, "Good move. That triggered their lock down and the ripple is recorded in the search engine caches."

Just as they started through the cached hits, a believable story flooded the media explaining most of the observed anomaly. But the cached material had already been cloned and the machine had flagged it "of deep interest".

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