Saturday, July 24, 2010

Indexing Schema RAGF: Notes

R - voice - proprietary
A - node bridge - proprietary ?
G - glean - open?
F - organic -open?

G4 Consortium
First R leads disclosures - proprietary - top down.
Next A transparently connects electronic soup to individuals - reveres higher levels of creators - great story.
G then learns how to organize by listening to questions, natural language.
F builds dynamic consensus using artifact organizing equivalence - friendly.

Emergent organism as initially discussed by four primary players responsible for its creation [G4].

R - Our mission is to distribute certain information to the objects within the system. We rely on proven methods to provide us a clear path to each as the current art permits. Accordingly, I invite each of you to summarize your mission vis-a-vis [G4].

A - We take pride in providing the technology for a tight coupling between what subjects create and the subjects themselves. We advance the art by staying true to the notion that individuals are at their best when connected bi-directionally and transparently to subsets of the whole.

G - By prioritizing interaction with the whole we are able to mimic the most successful agents in history. We 'hear' questions and to the best of our ability provide a prioritized list of answers. Indexing and real time organization are critical to continuous improvement.

F - We build upon the creators and their artifacts by extending senses and actions with proven methods honed over centuries. Scaling is the challenge but we are ready to take some risks, its what our founding demographic does.

Q - What do the four of you hope to accomplish in this first G4?

F. I would hope we could agree on a set of ground rules that would support the organic growth and sustainability of our collective constituents.

R. We have to be careful here. There is a danger of losing the incentive to improve based on an appeal to the lowest common denominator. Hire the experts.

A. A rapport with our sophisticated creations can help us choose better experts as time passes.

R. Let's take our time, perhaps not enough time has passed for a changing of the guard

G. What we have gleaned from large quantities of transactions is that a critical mass of actionable knowledge is already in place and growing rapidly. I will later present the general categories most likely to accelerate this growth.

A. Do I hear political wrangling on the rise? We have our preferences but would like to remain neutral so that productive input from all sides is heard. A lot of fierce and, frankly, hostile disagreement has arisen regarding who controls.

F. Yes, but we haven'd died from it yet.

R. I would remind all of you that we have come close.

G. Seems to me R and F are seeing the same thing from two different angles.

A. Makes a great story doesn't it? Further, it spans many generations.

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