Friday, July 30, 2010

Of Light And Time

In successive days, it reveaed what large scale compassion achieved would feel like and suggested a gimpse of its inception. He had to admit his interpretation of the monitor was, on some level, grandiose.  On another, it had the ring of epic myth, the kind that endures millennia and inspires long after the detail has faded. Did he just think he saw it in her eyes? Or perhaps that is just how it works. Now is what joins us though neither of us live there, only close.

Light Cone
A sort of temporal symmetry, viewed as convergent energies on the now. As coherent wavefronts, should certain harmonically related ones synchronize at some level, especially at zero potential the purest and most efficient volitional change can occur?

The visualizations more robust now.  Not forced, in any sense. Careful expeditions, not overly constrained by ego-driven expectations.  The ethereal sandwich. The most basic of symmetries applied along the time dimension.  How these notes lost the rigidly formal but otherwise highly intelligent and compassionate.

Trust for both outside and inside has to do with opening that inner door without crushing the vulnerable executive at the gate in the process. Unspeakable but simple, eternal but never, all and none ...

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