Saturday, July 10, 2010

Amnesia Cloak

The dissociation signal will let you know that the amnesia cloak is deployed.

The context dependent nature of the device meant that recent considerations (however defined) were not 'browsable'. Only triggers that gave rise to the consideration in the first place could connect awareness to it. An emergent advantage, unintentional updates could be avoided. And, importantly, those triggers need not be named yet. Labeled but nameless was just fine.

"Someone tell him it is a little more humane than shooting the engineer. You know, the guy who thinks scientific management is not an oxymoron. And while we are at it, grand theories about untested 'human' data. Welcome to the homo sapien zoo. Odd critters ... strangely familiar."

Though the connection could be strong it need not be validated outside the inner door to be so. Mandatory for any robust predicative mechanism. But it has a cost. Managing the clear distinction between recording a useful common history and, say, initial modeling of a radical idea.

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