Monday, July 5, 2010


Just when search engine manipulation and steganography networks had been used to buy time in a global economic shift the concept of the subtle hybrid got its start as well. Then, a critical mass were shouting - it became the new noise. The profound meaning had been, for awhile, masked by the uniqueness of a loudest voice. But they had come to a point where there were many - loud - voices.

But just as the dog has incredibly nuanced hearing, it too has a very loud voice. The transmitter and receiver confined to the beautifully designed head. Between the words, within a fraction of a second a remarkable instrument for detecting danger is enabled. Interpretation of the faint signals, almost instantaneous.

And those who saw their power slip away were, and are, far more about the bark than the space between the words. The subtle hybrid listens though. The technical notes he understood for they were a bridge of high order: "Dynamic and adaptive filters increasing the Q. The pristine dynamic range per-frequency bit depth - large. Hi speed logging, in case a better tune in time is possible."

"This ping design is that?"

"Or something like it.", she said knowing another layer or two was needed to match the cognitive impedances.

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