Friday, July 2, 2010

Who ... or what?

" … blown my cover …"

This snippet alarming to say the least. Though flagged as 'must see now' its brevity particularly noteworthy. Since it was generated behind the cloak, there was no explicit attribution. The organic growth phase context, the classification recognized immediatelly as urgent. Related past experiences had the common element of a threatened anonymous party. No such alert appeared this time. He noted such, grasping his chin as if to cue the soup.

His gut was telling him this was preemptively significant to the task at hand. The sophisticated trust enhancement mechanism just deployed, riskier than they had hoped? When she first expressed misgivings they were about midway through the installation, the working prototype had just come out of the sand box. A footnote reflecting such was quickly added to the log at that time.

He reached for the switch cover, flipped it open realizing what it meant to interrupt at this point. This anomalous procedure invoked mostly on hunches that were perceived as critical.

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