Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stress Test?

"Anomalous events daily now. Not sure if they are local yet. Trace showing government domain. Hopefully, they are at least aware."

"Chances are we have inadvertently triggered something or have detected a covert initiative.", he replied suspecting the latter more. Two possibilities came to mind with respect to an initiative, pivotal scheduled event in three months and stress testing the integrity infrastructure.

They were becoming more comfortable with what had seemed to be a real distraction. The facts were implying that what they were experiencing was an indication of a need to allocate more to recoverability from unanticipated threats. The model they were asked to review had built into it an offense as optimal defense module. Yesterday it was on full display, proponents of the new methodology being grilled by the frontline warriors of the old.

The urge to follow the permissive groove was her weakness and his fault. The monitor depicted his culpability in no uncertain terms. He would be confronted with the awkward task of owning his own contribution to the mess while asking her to consider hers. His ego pouted to which wisdom intervened.

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