Saturday, July 3, 2010


Channeling a strong emotion is a powerful tool. Its wake can end up in a groove. Great if the groove leads somewhere useful. And when that is not the case? The Blank Check Problem tends to have the second outcome. Why? Because not enough is learned in avoiding or recovering from mistakes.

When the simple Emotion X is repeated over and over, its natural resonance results in a low impedance path, a groove. Because of the repetition X soon dominates its environment. The echoes of the canyon serve to refine and deepen the groove. Emotion Y is complex, nuanced, dynamic and heuristic. Its natural resonance is diversity. Forever changing, the wake distributes widely and accumulates slowly in many directions.

X is inherently short term, effective now but short lived. Not particularly precise and potentially dangerous. Y is naturally organic. It respects robust variations. It is not in a hurry, nor does it need to be. It lives in harmony with its context and those who inhabit the context.

History is bloated with examples of 'studies' that led to a landscape of strip mining or clear-cut like grooves. Specialization too often leads to a tunnel vision that re-inforces errors of isolation. And seeing that way, a destructive arrogance that denies the whole and brings down not only the discipline but the ecosystem on which it depends.

The wise man who talks of the Inner Door and keeping it open, knows. When many gateways to relevance are open, life thrives.

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