Monday, July 12, 2010

Just Sustenance

"Yes, it is possible to notice some human friendly improvements here and there. For the most part, it is as if these features sort of grew naturally rather than were constructed. From a distance it looks as if it might have a century or more ago. No doubt this is due in part to the various size restrictions on imported supplies and technology. Wherever possible the pre-human ambiance has been preserved.

"The critters here, including the humans, live in a 'mystic harmony' as you will soon see. Predation is not necessary to sustain growth in this nearly self-sustaining 'village organ'.

"You see, this place relies on self-sufficiency but not isolation. The imports are wisdom and a few materials. The exports are wisdom, and those ready to return to the 'normal' world and give back." There are two major roads to the surrounding land, both in very good shape. There are several information highways as well. A mix of wireless, satellite and a bit of fiber optic cabling comprise the robust but nearly invisible local network.

"The last few miles off the road connecting the property with the highway are restricted to electric transportation except in rare emergencies. Disposables are discouraged except when they are the only solution.

"The intent of this community is to reverently create. Reverence to preserve the ecology and create because it is what humans do. Nature inspired design in various media. Licklider's Machine Assisted Cognition and the latest in interactive communications technology to support collaboration. High bandwidth to the world-wide web to bring content and conversation to the community in the least intrusive way possible.", he was rambling a bit, knowing that most of this would become evident in the next several days. These newcomers were more skeptical because their most recent experience working on the mission left out some important detail. Not the least of which was the large implicit generic communication channel as it applied to this bucolic place.

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