Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mind of a Cardiomyocyte

"By enhancing inter-organ communication it looks as though we can harvest what each has learned from experiencing the twists and turns of the organism over its lifetime to date. We are aware of several instances where such shared knowledge has contributed to various recovery challenges.

"We are essentially proposing to use the newly discovered prediction primitives to synthesize even more robust adaptability. The algorithm re-use at a high abstraction level based on emergent value of long term data."

The first attempts to make these functions explicit were off-putting. Especially when they remained in text, or spoken language alone. The few who could follow were better able to help those that would help make presentation easier to digest for the next 'organic' layer of players. Visually, the rough sketches and diagrams. The story, sequencing milestones (before and after now) to engage temporal pattern recognition in the observer, and so on.

She had brought up a structural question they had not adequately considered, "It is a fuzzy perimeter between the whole of the relevant data and what the machine currently could intelligently query." Her contribution to this discussion was eagerly anticipated by most team members, including him.

In a haze a long while ago, he came up with a concept of a secret that was absolutely safe because the pivotal part lay in the future. Enough of the secret was constructed in real-time to create the illusion that the whole was already in existence. Everything forward was a figment of someone's or some group's imagination based on what was consistent with how history … was remembered. And was created by them. Was it a haze, or a glimpse into the subtle Body?

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