Thursday, July 15, 2010

Big Fix w/Throttle

"So let me get this straight, what you are proposing is using two units rather than one unit of measure for this universal valuation system?"

"Yes, though I would characterize the model as attempting more than one, starting with two. The research so far has led us to suspect the following …". He went on to describe how the whole effort was to be put in motion. The first unit is the one that had been used for a very long time, with various results but generally good results as it was incorporated more and more robustly with time and level of certainty. The idea for the second was to simply try a separate unit running in parallel, in case the foundation of the monopoly of the first was less than optimal for the current challenges. Rather than trying to morph the first into something better, create a second that operates equivalently that is, in some sense, competitive (rather than replacing the first).

"Well, of course, there has been such a thing all along." she pointed out. This was certainly true, one could argue that it had not kept pace though - primarily because it was not explicit. Feeling value as opposed to objectively measuring it still had wide spread application but tended to be confined to tribes or smaller groups of individuals.

Avoiding the trigger words and phrases was the operative and key protocol and he very rarely stepped outside its rules. The temptation to do so now was certainly there. The urge was just the signal he needed to validate the initiative and the methods used. He put the urge, "in the top drawer".

The dog days were good to him. Was it because he was born in the year of the dog? Maybe it was just the sunshine, inside and out.

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