Monday, March 15, 2010


He said, "forget that fairytale stuff, you'll just have to unlearn it later." That forlorn, yearning look still deep in his eyes as he approaches the end of his sixth decade. The weight of a grueling profession and a summer about to end … again. Its true, I hear the crickets.

While it is not my story, it is one I know well.

At least that is what it looked like from a less than neighborly distance a long time ago. Though the distance be greater now, it looks pretty much the same. But I would remind him, given the chance, that he often said "its never too late." (Is it what he feels or is it just what he is supposed to say?)

Where are they? Busy, he thought. And it was none of his business. So it must be something else … besides business... that is. Skip childhood, there is less to … Why is no one smiling?

You see, I love my brother.

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