Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Deep Space"

One thing was certain about missions of this type. There is no waiting to discover the consequences of unwise choices. No situation sink, so to speak. If you travel in deep space, you are totally dependent on that which you bring with you. The good news, you tend not bring along the 'baggage' that is best left behind. The bad news, you are not able to indulge many errors of assumption … wait a minute, is that really 'bad'?

On deeper inspection, the near instant response that survival in deep space requires brings a very satisfying self-awareness. Recorded deep in the folds of the grey matter and who knows where else is an adaptive mechanism that is mind-boggling to the average ego.

So he was grateful, very much so, that circumstances had thrown him into metaphorical deep space. Looking back at the events of the last several days, they were rich with the scenes of robust living. Its impact on her, perhaps dearest of all to him. This adventure, the decoding and all that was related was not a task to be accomplished by some deadline. Its value would go far beyond the impression that word usually leaves.

The entry in the log, like others on this voyage, necessarily was something less than specific. Details of history alone just can't do justice to its meaning.

"If you look deeply into her eyes, you will see the sage smiling as she wags her tail."

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