Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hearing this simple story felt like a lantern lit in a historic hallway ... with rich portraits adorning its walls. Visible for the first time to the visitor. Yet, it was just the right place to enter. We as a species have developed many shared patterns. Some are very useful for extending what we apparently value most, living.

The hall, a relatively old artifact. This pattern gives us access to contexts for a variety of functions. Portraits, faces that tell stories over scores of years. And this new fangled electronic thing. At first she thought it might burn down the house, but he had, yes had to experiment with it. She protected the children. Both doing what humans do.

This story be told across many cultures, it is common to them. And if those cultures were huddled in a small inhospitable space and someone was able to help them see what they had in common, could they change that space and time? No doubt. Because we AND they, dear reader, have what you read this with.

Broadcast yes. But far beyond that. For it sees and hears, it time shifts … and more. It extends who we are beyond the boundary of our skins, our home (if we are lucky enough to have one), our neighbors. It does so in a way like never before … and it is growing. The voice of the audience about to penetrate the fourth wall? I want to go there.

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