Friday, March 12, 2010

Horns, what horns?

Not that long ago he was desperate to find meaning before an imminent exit. Talk about drag racing when the fuel is low. Desperation is not a high mileage strategy. Repeating it will not get better results. But, as a suggested strategy to one's competition, maybe. If you can bring it off. Don't try it on the tortoise, but the hair … the couch potato hair … I don't have to think because I found somebody to do it for me … until I lose my job, my home and my (sob, sob) credit card.

He chuckled. He had just been through this silly process and all that was at stake was his family's well being and his life. And he was not alone though the folks bringing that point of view to him had perfected the illusion that they were on the air for just one person …

The stakes did in fact seem high. But the logic ended abruptly there. So that famous religious text did have something to say on this wide-spread and ancient sociologic phenomena and as if to prove its point it was twisted by egos turned against there hosts ... for millenia.

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