Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dark of Night

The expected message came, "Major cycles troughing in approximately 3 hours." He dimmed the conference lights and adjusted his headset.

"Ritual masquerading as character.", the familiar pattern on the real-time monitor. He shuffled the notes again to review. Not knowing which of the many things tried contributed to the outcome.
Scientific method can often be a shot in the dark. When the question points away from the target, it is a poor choice. To mitigate the noise, mid-course correction guided by an informed consensus.

But we still sail the same sea, tides and all. To ignore its rhythms is to suffer unnecessarily, perhaps perish.

Energy is a fickle thing. Its convenience has costs, perhaps the most dangerous of all. Energy as an expression of momentum. If it is to help us do our work we must understand this fact.

Those most able to harvest the synchronized waves at the bottom are lean and able to thrive when others are fearful. And the team did not waste the ever reliable gravity to energize cognitive processing.

On the screen, decoy vs. decoy at a fever pitch. The first time he was really aware how much they revealed the character of their sources. Humor, once again, revealed a self-confidence born of knowing oneself well. Contrasted with relying on sycophants who comfort an insecure ego rather than illuminate.

He stepped up to the console ready to respond to the incoming data. While not having a clue as to what he might specifically do until it arrived, he was calm. Calm because this was the process, when the major cycles are in the basement together was the time to execute the change. Preparation made the difference. Wisdom takes energy, no question. But far less than bucking the tide.

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