Saturday, March 13, 2010

Event Horizon

What does a single wavelength tell us about all that is? These questions were like an ear worm with variations, to him. Unlike the common annoying occurrence this had quite the opposite effect. As if to catalyze connection introspection. And then to project onto the whole and illuminate a relevant part of it. Reverberation as embellishment of symbolic communication.

Subtle vibrations they. Locking horns on a late winter day. Acting like a bunch of … humans. Disgusting. And then, like a clockwork, symptoms again. This was no magic carpet, this was life. But with the lights on this time. More like magic because it made sense. And much less fuel was consumed. Implicit was that the journey could go longer or farther … or both.

Each time this limit was approached something useful was learned. As time passed, the approach angle was more tangential and less energetic. The limit, though not visible in and of itself, had much to reveal from the more recent shallow angles.

Compassion is like that, he thought. Through experience, the illusion of separateness fades. But we, in effect, ride that horizon. It can be rough, but through practice, less so. In the distance the warm glow fades with the promise to return. A rhythm close to home.

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