Saturday, March 27, 2010


We are the performance. Some assume they deserve to be at the sacred end. At times true, mostly not and certainly not for but a short period. Enlightened plutocracy, an oxymoron, not to be confused with enlightened self-interest. Difficult to hear if one is speaking loudly and has been trained not to hear counterpoint.

All mouth, no ears. Just plug her in to Vegas to refresh talking points. Charge her batteries with Credit Default Swaps, send her to Niemann Marcus for a new dress, sir Donald for attitude adjustment and let her spend a week on her makeup. Have her 'grilled' on a fair and balanced Fox News 'report'. Re-arm the Tea Party and you are ready to "get 're done".

Oh, and keep working on the lighting, both literal and metaphorical. Some argue, and I agree with them, lighting is the most important part of helping others to see. This lab will continue for the next 7 months or so. It is over half your grade. Good night and good luck.

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