Saturday, March 20, 2010

Output Idolatry

Play it backwards. Now that is interesting, he thought. Used to the idea of before/after, cause/effect the immutable way of the world. But not in simulation. A what of that grey area in between? Since the prescient model emerged and started to yield far higher than random results, very logical explanations for time reversal started appearing also.

So far the dual track cognitive model was necessary for testing. Would a merger into one happen? Perhaps soon? Guided prediction enhanced by access to a larger store of plausible. Through practice it had become much easier for them to maintain the appropriate level of indirection. Inductive reasoning is still largely art but less abstruse than when the project began.

Some otherwise very capable people he had interacted with were struggling with appropriate use of communication resources. Fierce competition for output drained their limited capacity. His recent experience indicated that the output part was easiest even in the presence of high demand. It seemed ironic that those who were able to dominate the output channel were least able to put it to work. Something about it being hard to hear when one is speaking.

Shouters as a platform, a carrier if you will, for subtle modulation. Bio-mimicry applied to machine cognition on the network scale meant that things not tried because they did not 'make sense' before were methodically tested without the usual personal or group bias.

The night before was a clear demonstration of this entire principle. The players had pre-conceived conscious notions of the probable outcome. But on the basis of those notions alone, may have chosen not to participate. Something below spoke to each of them over time to make it happen. And make no mistake ... it did happen.

Slow readers output paradigm, several paragraphs. No apologies.

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