Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where to start ...

An odd word, he thought. It came up twice within hours. Another hint at what might be going on? Because he had to look up the meaning, he was primed to notice it when it came at him just a short time later. A completely independent source? Sure looked like it.

Consider this, when the the fields's complex mix of harmonics with phase intact (two or more) arrive within a time window, a concept is triggered by the coherence. Over time, accumulated 'hits' extend persistence.

Auto real-time indexing is a broad field highly relevant to meta-why. 'Find Dendrites' was not quite ready for primetime. "All we are using so far is essentially off-the-shelf stuff.", was the reply. Queries from the newly recruited field operators reinforced the notion that they needed to work on tools for 'coming up to speed'. The serial nature of cognitive acquisition created an explosion of implicit links. Each was easy to track but they were only classified by keywords. Synthesizing abstract concepts was still too labor intensive to be practical.

A silver lining became apparent in just the last week though. The lack of established protocol acted as a filter. Not ready were those who appeared capable of answering the selective answer questions with impressive proficiency but stumbled with uncertainty when asked to elaborate on how a question might be asked better.

"Yes.", he will say soon to the friend who said he was overwhelmed. "I have learned something of value about communicating from what you said, thank you. My advice will be to keep the new indexing tools in development for now."

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