Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I didn't know to look there.

A challenge and an opportunity. Stimulating curiosity in her and scrutiny in them would likely serve two of the more important aspects of this initiative. They would start detectable lockdown procedures to prevent further leaks. She would start looking at her immediate environment with an eye toward seeing what was heretofore hidden.

The network's recent upgrade was proving its worth now. Bandwidth had been available for sometime, even the bi-directional type. What was new was a more robust understanding of massively parallel and adaptive communications architecture. The precedent was ancient in terms of engineering development cycles. Why did we not look there earlier?

So often, we move so fast that we are not even aware of what we miss. But when we no longer have a high red line, we understand the value of efficiency. The long haul is not just how to get through the next turn as fast as possible. And now with the accumulated wisdom of untimely breakdowns, crashes and the like we are aware that the subtle truth that speed masks can contribute much to a winning race.

Competitors have good reason to mess with such understanding. At first, counterintuitive. But upon deep inspection, not so much. Speed kept the hare from victory. And the tortoise, in a place where she could be patient, could apply wisdom across the entire duration of the contest.

On the velocity dimension this made timely sense. What of the other dimension(s)?

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