Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our Blind Side

When earned misfortune necessitates retaliation security. Vested interest in the fight. If enemies were to disappear they would have to be developed and manufactured. Background checks based on monetary class … Gated community.

Do they know? They may in fact be aware of something amiss without understanding why. Tolerance cannot be in lieu of prudence, can it?

Cogent questions all. Who is in charge. Well no one. That is the idea. And if someone takes charge covertly? That is not encouraged. Does the absence of encouragment prevent that? I would rather be positive.

Lets see if that is possible here. Friendly is, among other things, I've got your back. Is it Ok if I just protect you? Because I might not like your friend as much. Why not? …

Sometimes it is helpful to just ramble, he thought. Good vibe with a slack key gone too far. A dissonant chord, perhaps just a sour note ...

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